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Halloween Camos

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With Summer slowly passing away, Autumn will soon be upon us with the Anniversary Celebration, the Thanksgiving Mega Bundles (does anyone even buy these?), and above all else, the Ever-Fantastic Halloween Event. And if last year is any indication, we'll probably be seeing a new series of gorgeous Halloween Camo for tier VIII ships. So does anyone have any thoughts on what they'd like to see receive a spine-tingling makeover? As a reminder, those tech tree ships which lack camo are:

USN: Cleveland and Baltimore

RN: Lightning, Edinburgh, (historical) Monarch, and Implacable (probably could've just save time by typing "all")

IJN: Akizuki and Amagi (I'm hoping for one or both since I love both these ships)

KM: Hipper

MN: Le Fantasque and Richelieu

VMF: Ognevoi and Vladivostok

PA: Hsienyang

And there's always the possibility we'll see camo added for some of the tier VIII premiums besides Tirp. So, what ships do you hope or expect to see be put into their Tainted-Best? Heck, why limit it to just tier VIII, maybe they'll shake things up this year and have the event take place at a lower tier. Be a good way to creep out the incoming seals for the next year. I swear there is nothing quite so enjoyable as hearing some squawk about demon-ships after being sunk by my Nikolai.

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