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The Division From H3!!

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I saw this in a game yesterday, and I'd LOVE for someone to explain it to me...

T5/6/7 match.  I'm sailing my Nurnberg.  While doing my usual pre-game due diligence, I note that we have a 3-ship division on our team - 2 DDs and a CV.  I spawn on the far left of our fleet, with 2 DDs ahead of me, and a CV behind,  Yes, the 3 division members.  I'm thinking, this could be good.  It wasn't.

We start forward.  CV launches TBs, and immediately drops torps, which miss me, bracket the 2 DDs but miss, and sink an island.

The 2 DDs stop, turn towards each other, and nearly collide.  At first, I assume they were dodging the torps, but then...they just sit there.  THEN, they start shooting at each other, turn, and sail off together in another direction.  By now, I'm closer to the enemy than they are, but with no one spotting, no idea HOW close.  DDs sail off behind an island and vanish.

Fast forward a few minutes...both DDs appear again, up where the action should be, and both are sitting in a perfect position to ambush a red BB.  There's a lull in my action, so I'm watching them.  Enemy BB rounds the island they are hiding behind and then...neither DD fires a single torpedo.  Instead, they start firing guns - at EACH OTHER, and turn and sail away.

At that point, I get distracted because, thanks to having no spotters up front, 2 red DDs just popped up, sneaking down the map edge, intent on molesting our CV.  I fire at one, hit him hard, and he smokes up.  Switch targets to the other and, with some help, kill him.

My natural inclination would be to charge towards the smoke and teach that DD hiding there about hydro.  But to do that, I'd have to run broadside to THREE BBs, so...nope.  I'll kite the BBs and keep an eye on the smoke till it dissipates, THEN kill the DD.  Except...

What does our CV (remember, he's part of that division) do?  He continues steaming strait ahead.  Strait towards 3 red BBs.  Strait towards that DD's smoke.  Until he gets so close that he spots the DD, and DD spots him.  DD charges.  I crank my turrets around fast as I can and start shooting.  By now, they are so close that my shells are "danger close" to the CV, but I figure he's probably dead anyway, so I fire.  Takes 3 salvos to kill the DD, and I DID hit the CV once, but the damage was minimal compared to what the DD's torps did.  CV dies.  I get a warning for damaging an ally.

I look back to see what his division mates are doing now, and they are both now dead.  Not sure what killed them.  But the BB they should have killed is very much alive and barely damaged.

We ended up loosing the game, although it remained fairly close until the final minutes.  

Can anyone explain to me the antics of these clowns?  Normally, I would put it down to incompetence on the part of the CV player (maybe he's very new to CVs?), and an accident that turned into two temper tantrums on the part of the DD players, but...these guys were divisioned together!  Two of them were from the same clan!  They must know each other?  Or at least have met before the battle?  Friends/division mates/clan mates, acting like this?  I can't come up with anything logical.

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14 minutes ago, Midshipman_Hornblower said:

Can anyone explain to me the antics of these clowns?  I can't come up with anything logical.

Nobody can explain the logic of trolls. Just because they are in a clan or division doesn't mean they will be good and honest players. You just have to brush it off and move on. 

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There is no explanation concerning quality of play. Yesterday I tried to explain the benefits of using smaller guns/IFHE on the Mogami and he didn't know how to check which guns he was using or where to change them.

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