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Get Your FREE Recruiting Station Container!

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Hello URLGuy.  I was having an issue with not receiving my Junior Recruitment Container after sending many more than just the 3 invites required.  I contacted player support and submitted a ticket.  They said try again, so I sent more invites and still nothing.  Then I received this message from Support this morning:

Hello, BeastLoad.

Thank you for contacting customer service.

I would like to inform you, that Junior Recruiting Station Container was added to the account on 23 July at 22:28 (Los Angeles time) and now this container is in a port. 

Should you have any other question, please contact us.
Have a great day and enjoy the high seas.
With regards,

Is there a special place I should find this container?  I've opened all of the containers in the usual spot and didn't get it.  We're supposed to get one of the 5 premium tanks listed.  I have none of them in my port.  I did not receive the 3 additional premium days, the flags shown etc.  so it's clear I haven't received it unless I need to look somewhere else for it.  Any suggestions beside continuing the back and forth with support?  I have a feeling that maybe the update caused an issue with the transaction.  I was playing last night at that time and saw nothing come in.  We are supposed to get one of the premium ships that's randomly picked correct?

Thanks for any advice.

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17 posts
431 battles

Well I just found the written detail about it.  I thought we received everything shown in the picture, but I see now that we only recieve one of the rewards but not all.  I must have received it and didn't notice because I expecting a larger package with a ship and all.  

You can find one of the following rewards in the Junior Recruiting Station container:

  • A Premium ship: flag_Russia_6ce701e1c2f2ac3909a68a0a7b23premium_7ca1d32231aa1e03cc8c292ae268c631 III Auroraflag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22premium_7ca1d32231aa1e03cc8c292ae268c631 V Marblehead Limaflag_Japan_740b57e1da9b5d3fe46b61e09e3dcpremium_65cf64bd7296cfa9dcf38bf869d5cfc9 II Mikasaflag_USA_dd9fc06d19a8638f4077ab2fe200d22premium_dac9e09cf46059e1432206f07fdb2eab II Smith, or flag_Japan_740b57e1da9b5d3fe46b61e09e3dcpremium_7ca1d32231aa1e03cc8c292ae268c631 IV Yūbari; each with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points.
  • 3 special signal flags of any type.
  • 10 economic signal flags of any type.
  • 3 "Battle Hardened" or "This is your day, Commander!" camouflage patterns.
  • 3 days of Warships Premium Account.
  • 100 doubloons.
  • 1,500 Coal.
  • 5,000 Free XP.
  • 150,000 credits.

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