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Implacable's solo warrior story.

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:cap_like:I decided to run Implacable tonight, you know get some experience in her and  try to get better in RNCVs. Seems they took a bit of a nerf due to how this new AA works (longer you spend in AA bubble the more damage you take and RN planes are really slow so...) but I'm trying anyway. 

Load into a mostly T10 match, unlucky but I've gotten used to it at this point playing T8 CVs. Got an enemy enterprise on the other side, sucks but not impossible to deal with. Not the best situation but I go out there and try to use the terrain to my advantage and the team does well.  I'm sitting on about 50k damage or so and the team has taken all three points I'm thinking:

"awesome easy win we just sit back and....they are moving towards them."

A little while later most of the team is dead and from what I caught:

Our NC is rushing the enemy enterprise, who is protected by two yamatos.  

Our daring is in a better spot and torps the enemy republic who is with the enemy montana who are taking the C cap , this is where my planes are going trying to use the mountain between me and them to get closer. 

Our worcester is hanging back between the daring and me trying to help the DD, he's pretty low from an earlier fight and I'm guessing out of heals. 

The NC dies first, surprise right, I'm guessing he took a citadel. 

I try to save the daring but his smoke is down and he gets rocketed by enterprise, while his engine is crippled the republic kills him with secondary guns. 

Our worcester, who was the best player on our team by the way. Gets killed by one of the BBs I think. 

And I realize, oh crap, I'm the last one left...:cap_wander_2:

In my little T8 CV that can barely even hit the enemy in front of me with my planes. 

So on one side me, the guy who is massively outgunned in the lowest tier ship in the match and with horrible concealment.   

On the other side: A Republic and Montana right next to each other, another T8 CV, and two Yamatos. Three of which have three kills to their names each. 


At this point I'm moving away from the Republic and Monty, who are closest to me and in B when I notice the enterprise has tracked where my planes are coming from and hunting me down, fantastic. 

I manage to get over a mountain and hit the republic with carpet bombs and she gets set on fire, the planes die and I send out a new wave of torp bombers. I get a hit but he's still up. 

At this point the enterprise spots me with her torp bombers and my heart sinks, I'm totally boned. I hit the F key on the depleted torp bombers and they start coming back. 

As I'm turning in I take a salvo from the monty, lucky for me her aim was off and only got a couple into the side of the bow and mostly hits the deck  and bounces her shots. 

Then the republic burns to death. I'm 80% sure that's what saved my backside. 

I manage to dodge the torps from the enterprise as one of the yamatos slams her shells on the thickest part of the Implacable deck armor and bounces. 

I try to get more torp bombers in the air but the enterprise left me a gift of fighters and they end up getting half shot down. 

Then the montana fires and bounces. 

And...the match ends there, the one cap they didn't take pushed us over the 1k point mark and we won. 

And I realize that I was sweating far, FAR more than I was a few minutes ago. 

Solo warrior with a little over a measly 65k damage. 

I just wanted to share this cause I was excited, it's matches like that one which keeps me coming back to warships even though she abuses me sometimes. 

Here's the proof: 



And good luck out there captains, maybe next time it'll be you! 

Edit: I think I'm gonna stop with CVs for tonight, I don't think I'm gonna repeat that performance today, leave on a high note if you will haha

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14 minutes ago, Sinboto said:

aww thank you :fish_cute_2:

I sat here for five minutes trying not to rant like the cynical bastard I’ve become about the game, and that was the best I could come up with, without going off on said rant.

I would have watched that team disintegrate and just given up.

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I'm not sure if that medal should be called Solo Warrior or Potato Farmer, but hey, you made all the donuts, you get the coffee. Bravo Zulu.


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