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Am I seeing things?

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Ok this may be old news to everyone else but me. And if it is then I'm sorry, but can you good folks take a look at this. When I am in battle in "The Trap" my mini map shows islands where there is only open water...open water where there are islands...and large gaps between islands that do not exist. I know this sounds like I've been smoking something so I have screenshots to prove it. Please look at them. Is this a feature of the map that I don't know about? I do run Aslain's mod pack but I don't think that will do this. This is just crazy...or maybe I'm crazy and things are working "as intended".225115096_Screenshot(15).thumb.png.a462c013f6eb14607bc43b7012ec5540.png781271537_Screenshot(11).thumb.png.e5ff14069cc02aecc569d3a09e03e465.png391920172_Screenshot(14).thumb.png.c11ccd7cbc3b5ce84836d98580315d3f.png

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This already had been answered by Femmenly, the mod that you are using is interfering and had the mini map displacement.

Un-install the mod

28 minutes ago, cobaltazule said:

are working "as intended".


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