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please help me understand Ship Storm

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read my post.

I'd like to participate in the Shipstorm Tournament. As a player, a fighter. I do not want to be a Caster or a referee.

The FAQ on the discord server only seems to relate to Casters. Is there no option to just be a player? do you HAVE to be a caster in order to fight in this tournament? in which case why is there no application to be a player/fighter
(if its separate from being a caster or ref) and if any of this is true or false, why is it NOT in the FAQ. in fact I am blown away that it doesn't even have in the FAQ's "What is a caster" Well I figured its some kind of broadcaster, but I can not tell if a caster is also a player.  So do you just turn up? if so, where do you turn up? I have half figured out that it's played using scenarios (i didn't learn that from discord or the FAQ's btw) but will those scenarios just turn up in my client if I have not applies to fight in this tournament. Do I have to switch them on somehow by clicking a participate button? Which I just dont get it. I have not participated in the last two ship storms because I just don't understand how to go into to it (again as a fighter). Making me feel even more stupid is the fact I can not find anyone elses text ANYWHERE complaining about the same things I am. Look, if I am just so retarded that I dont understand things that are right in my face then yer, maybe I shouldnt be playing in Shipstorm anyway. but I really feel like I have given this a helluva good looking over now and am really no wiser about ships storm than I was 12 months ago when I first wanted to participate. I also know of alot of other people that have not participated coz they just dontunderstand how to get into the tournament as a figter. It gives one (me) the impression that if you don't want to be a ref or a caster you cant be involved. now if thats true, cant the FAQ just FAQING say that!?!

THE FAQ's Suck..

yeah yeah I suck too.. along with you

I may have to take this all back. I just noticed a little comment saying that registrations might not be available to Thursday 9 pm. lucky for me that's only 10 minutes from now, (assuming they mean Eastern US time)(they didn't specify :/) so ill hang around and see if an application to be a player/fighter turns up on the Discord Shipstorm Server.

lol, its almost like this is all being organised by just one poor volunteer or something. How long has Shipstorm actually been going for now?

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