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Massive FPS and Freezing during AA engagement

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I have noticed especially in the Izmail when it is under Air Attack and a sector has been selected to increase fire that while Zooming in or out major FPS drops from 75 to Unplayable gaming freezes of FPS 10 or lower at times.  Have also noticed this on the Nagato. But not noticed on Cleavland or Other AA Cruisers.  Other than these issues I pretty much am rock steady at 75 FPS with my current game settings in any mode.  A slight bounce occurs from time to time but usually only down to low 70's or High 60's. ALSO note the ping is not effected so this is not a internet issue...

The last horrible case was map :Last of Fire.  Game mode Random and it was so bad that ended up getting killed before I could start moving the mouse, ship etc.


I have taken following steps to try to remedy. 

Checked yes All windows Updates are up to date

Yes the Latest Video drivers are installed. The latest Motherboard and Network drivers are also installed.

Tested internet and no issues with speed test.

Have verified no Hardware issues or overheating issues with hardware.

Yes have removed all mods and tried it again to replicate.  Yes it does occur ( Izmail).

Have tried the Game in Minimal/Vanilla mode...yes it does still occur (Izmail and Nagato)

Shut down every other program except for game without an mods running ( Yes it still occurs (Izmail)

I have tried the Registry fix to ensure DVR recording is disabled,   I have edited the engine_Config.xml to limit FPS to 60  <maxFrameRate>60</maxFrameRate>

I have tried Repair game.

This problem only started with recent game patches/updates.

Will update as I see it its map related or not as well.

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Try rebooting your router and modem.

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