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Ship Scuttling at Scapa Flow

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Interestingly, a BBC article showed up today about 4 of these scuttled German battleships in Scapa Flow showing up on ebay for sale for about £800,000. Listed as pre-owned and collection only. And apparently legit. 

Also a fair few stories about these ships being a source of low-background steel for today's radiation-sensitive equipment.

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This should have been a T3-T6 event as most of the fleet appear in those tiers (other than Hindenburg, Groser Kurfurst, Freiderich Der Grose at T9/T10).  We need missions for the lower tiers and this would have been a great opportunity.

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I've hit the "take part" button 3 times now & it keeps telling me, "you are already participating in this mission" but the mission is still not showing up. Guess I'll try a reboot & see if that works.

Nope...reboot didn't help.

Odd...the mission says it goes from the 14th to the 28th & the article didn't show up until today on the 19th.

Anybody else having trouble getting the mission?

Edit: Oh wow...guess I already have the flag....that would explain why I'm not getting the mission for it.

I do remember an article about the scuttling before so I guess there was an opportunity to get the flag then also & that's where it came from. Hard to keep track of all the opt in things from the past & what you got for them sometimes.

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