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[ALL] Gotland Kantai Collection Voiceover

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Gotland Kantai Collection Voiceover 


"Aviation Cruiser Gotland from Sweden.
Thanks for having me! When reconnaissance or surface combatant is needed....
I will do my best!



As per her quotes, she is revealed to be a free-spirited and a doting character akin to Kongou and Ikazuchi. In the spirit of European female stereotypical mannerisms noted to be 'liberated' and 'unrestrained', she has no problems with genuine 'skinship', but can be startled by forceful movements.




  • An odd combination of light cruiser, seaplane tender and minelayer, Gotland went through four years of numerous redesigns but was finally laid down in 1930 and entered service late 1934.
  • Though she saw no combat in her career, her moment of fame was when she spotted Bismarck setting out on Operation Rheinubung, her sighting reporting being heard by the British.
  • In 1944 her Hawker Osprey planes were in poor condition and obsolete, so her plane facilities were removed and replaced with AA guns. After the war she became a training and direction ship, ending service in 1956 and scrapped in 1963.
  • The modern Gotland in the Swedish Navy is now a submarine, commissioned in 1995 and active as of present.





Now let's go to the link for the mod
Gotland (0.9.x) ✔️



How to Install:Bofors 15.2cm Twin Gun Mount Model 1930 303 Character
Extract and put folder into
All done works are listed below








*Another mod that I've been create



*Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder



*please give me cool react if you like it*

Good luck and fair seas

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