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Observations on Twitch Stream Advertisements.

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I look at most of the ads that play just before twitch streams (or when I refresh the stream if it freezes) and I feel very negative. It makes me not want to buy any of the things they advertise, which is the exact opposite to what should be happening.

Even worse, it makes me want to not buy things which I ALREADY BUY, USE AND ENJOY (case in point, Oh Henry candy bars).

Then it makes me want to grab the people who produce these ads and flog them raw with a wet ramen noodle for their incompetence. In a lot of cases, ads are contracted to an outside agency and I think the people doing the contracting need to take a serious look at what's being approved, in which case I suspect THEY would want to flog the ad-agency people with a wet ramen noodle.


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I don't feel that way about Twitch Stream Advertisements.

I feel that way about all advertisements.

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