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A Year in the Life of WOWs

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a year ago today i downloaded, installed and started playing WOWs, freebie. i don't know one person in real life that plays WOWs and it's a source of great amusement to friends and family.  i have over 8 thousand battles between two accounts.  Obsessive? Most definitely.  the first thing i learned was that WOWs was easy to play.  having had experience with a MMO FPS game and excelling at it after years of practice, i thought i was 'ahead of the game' with WOWs, the two having similar game play aspects;  aiming, leading shots, (kiting), DPS, ROF..., reload times, etc. Boy was i wrong. After foolishly not spending near enough time in Co-op, i grinded full speed ahead, choosing DD's simply because they were the fastest ship in a slow paced game.  a thousand or so Random battles in, i realized WOWs is a difficult game to play well. (for me anyway).  By then it was too late. I had over 600 losses before  i decided WOWs was something i wanted to get gud at.  Although i've made some progress, (my alt has a 52% WR), mostly at Tiers 5-8, all DD's, all Ranked & Random.  I only mention this because i have so little to be proud of game wise.  I've watched many videos and visited the forums almost daily in the hopes of improving as a DD main.  Alot's changed in a year.  The YY nerf,(being my 1st and only one of two Tier 10's made  it a big deal to me) radar, CV's, and a increasing player base that seems to care less and less about team work and improving. (i know i can play Co-op, but i did'nt grind this far to shoot bots)  more personal attacks in chat and the forums are commonplace now, and what used to be a labor of love for me has become more of a chore with little to no reward, especially on a freebie account.  Tiers 5-7 are only bearable due to my alt being able to carry at times.  "emotionally invested"? absolutely. i've laughed, cried, screamed, sworn and hit my last laptop so hard i broke it. I've said things i've regretted and stood my ground when i've had too. "it's just a game"? i'm aware of that and treat it as such. i'm not the most mature person. but  that does'nt mean i don't care. 

if any of this post has seemed like a whine or rage thread, it certainly was'nt my intention.  i still love the game, just not the current state the game's in. 

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