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Destroyed modules stories

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I saw this topic on reddit: 

And thought, hey, others might have similar stories (maybe even screenshots/replays), so, why not hear them all?



Starting here:

Last patch I had a match with my Izumo, I went A cap with a DD and a cruiser and went right towards 4 BBs, 1 DD and a cruiser (one of those crazy matches of 6 BBs and 4 DDs), so, my options were to either reverse and bow tank the hell out of it to last the longest or show broadside and turn tails...my friendlies decided to turn tails (after getting the DD) and I was left there...REVERSING...ON AN IZUMO!


Started taking tons of shells, luckly only the cruiser was firing HE, suddenly, turret 1 gets knocked out...okay, I just have to wait 15 seconds to re...2 salvos hit the turrets, now turret 2 is knocked out and turret 1 is destroyed.

Well...OK THEN! Immediately press repair so as to not lose my only source of DPS (without having to show broadside), 30 seconds later...turret 2 gets destroyed...


So, I'm there, with my Izumo reversing begging for my life with the 2 turrets that can shoot to the front destroyed.


Lesson of the match, secondary module survivability might be good to protect that AA and secondaries, but if you carry few guns or if you're a bow tank machine, get the main battery survivability module.

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2 cv per team.

1 dd per team.

Me in a Kagero.

1st rocket shot from 1 CV destroys both of my torpedo tubes.

NOTE:  that was my last game ever in that line of DDs, and I will never play it again.

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I lost both front turrets on Alsace while bow-taking. I just went full kamikaze. 

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In a game with my Iowa some time ago I destroyed all of a MO's guns while he just shot my bow.









I still died😔

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