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DD AP Fuse Arming Threshold

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So I was wondering - why do most DDs have AP which will not arm when used against other DDs? Essentially, only the 100mm and 113mm guns will full-pen the 19mm body plating when hit dead on - the 120mm+ guns need 20 or 21mm to arm, meaning that unless there is some angle involved you are in a situation where DDs will often overpen each other. 

The result is most DDs using almost exclusively HE in duels. 

If the fuse arming threshold for DD AP only was lowered from 1/6th caliber to 1/8th we would be in a situation where DDs would still overpen their superstructures, but be able to switch to AP and rack up heavy damage in ambush encounters with another destroyer. 

It would add some skill into destroyer play by making ammo switching more common than it is. It would not affect any other class significantly except lower tier light cruisers with 19mm plating, which would take slightly more AP damage from DDs. It would also give the Z-46 and Z-52 some help - they seem to be falling a bit behind the current meta. 



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Or you could just shoot areas that offer some angle, like the flared section of the bow for example to get the thickness required.

AP is already quite strong when the user knows what they are doing.

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Two reasons. First, the arming threshold is the effective armor, so angle matters. So it's not a auto overpen.

Second, mess with the penetration and you affect everything the DD shoots at. So you could get some interesting results when they shoot at cruiser and BB superstructures.

But most of all, why mess with it at all? I can't think of any reason why the current system isn't working, HE works just fine, and there are a few circumstances and DDs where AP is preferable. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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