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CVs not moving

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Why do I see CV players just sitting in one spot or hiding?  I usually get my carrier moving and keep it moving.

what are the advantages/disadvantages of either way?  

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Pro Sitting or hiding less likely to get spotted early. con more likely to get spotted, chased and attacked before you can run away.

Pro moving harder to chase down and attack. Possibility to cap an objective. Con getting to close to enemy and attacked by several enemy.

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You need to check the mini map and reposition accordingly, just like playing any other ship.

Follow your main group out of enemy detection range for better security and shorter flight times to targets - elementary stuff.

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I usually back up slightly from spawn at first of match to determine my teams intentions and those of enemy... changing direction takes a while and because its not always easy to pay full attention to your ship  and you want to determine where your team is going to be. Once I determine where team is going to be able to hold and keep those DDs from breaking through I usually will shadow that force and help with that side since I will be there...  keeping moving as I can but stopping as needed reasonably advancing a close as possible when able, trying to shorten flight time to enemy.  I'm not a big fan of using hard cover really as I have too many issues with the damn AI steering my ship doing stupid crap!    That abomination is still broke AF! 

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I dont move until I have an idea of how the scenario is playing out. I used to head toward the strong side, with more ships, but nothing guarantees that just because you're behind 7 players they wont all die and leave you open to attack. Also, I have to see where the holes are that will allow someone to get to me. I dont want to make killing my ship any easier so I wait and move when appropriate to my survival.

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