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bombs and rockets dropping far too late

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Just trying to make sure I'm not going insane: has anyone else had strange drops where the bombs/rockets drop/fire way off target?

My target is over the enemy but the ordinance is about 2 seconds behind where it should be going, especially noticeable with rockets because they fire WAY outside the circle. 

I thought maybe there was some update I missed, since I've been gone for a while, where it happens when you boost but I didn't see anything like that so.... 

Maybe it's just lag :cap_hmm:

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Lag's what everyone has been telling me whenever I posted about it..  but I am thinking too... maybe switch off the animate small graphic items option too... as what I see happening is this: You move in to attack and multiple ships' AA(A) open up. As soon as you click the mouse button to release your ordnance, boom... lag... 

I've also seen instances where you drop, the sounds engage, you look back and as you describe, the bombs are no where near the drop point. Worse yet are the rare occasions where you get sounds of bombs falling, you look back and nothing actually fell. Those are the most irritating. 

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