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CBT Player, New to CV now practicing in Co-Op, but...

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  1. Watch mini-map
  2. Move
  3. Learn your squadrons
  4. Learn about fighter consumable
  5. Send home almost dead planes
  6. Watch for enemy fighters
  7. Look for stragglers with torps
  8. Spot with fighters early to find DDs capping
  9. Use aircraft improving upgrades
  10. Support your team

Good Luck and have fun. 



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In case it hasn't been said, a TRAINING ROOM is the best place for training.

You get to choose the enemies and all the parameters for your practice session. 

For example, who would have thought IFHE on a GZ would make a difference?


05_13_19_Graf Zeppelin_Second_IFHE_Monty.jpg

05_13_19_Graf Zeppelin_Second_Monty.jpg

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On 5/17/2019 at 6:22 PM, KSN said:

Well irrespective of which tier is better to start with in general (I did start at Tier IV and am now in T6), I decided to purchase Enterprise, Kaga, for upcoming T8 game play, when I'm ready for it; and Free XP'd to Hakuryu (primarily because of the Midway Nerf, and I've seen some cool videos of Hakuryu game play - and IJN Torps are painful), but will not deploy a T10 CV for a really really long time.

After starting this thread, and everyone's helpful feedback, it seems that the CV gameplay is intuitive and easy to pick up, but that if you are willing to learn a bit more and ask questions you can start to nail down the nuances of the game play and improve. And going through low tiers is exceedingly helpful, despite its frustrations.

the nerf to midway isnt huge and itll still be the best tier x cv where as Hak keeps getting beaten with a bat since 8.1

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