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Just got all 3 t10 cv and there kinda mehhh. Anyone else having this Experance?

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37 minutes ago, Palladia said:

"With two rocket passes" *sighs*  As I have to say again and again,  hyperbole does you no favors.  Even sitting still RNG is going to 'nope' that all day,  every day.  And if you ARE sitting still and not actively dodging then that is entirely on you.  Good god,  do you people sit broadside to BB's and then complain when they erase you?  But then you sit here and cry about a death of a thousand cuts.

How so? I have been blapped in a high tier DD by a Midway or other T10 CV more than once. That's not hyperbole. Rockets at T10 are OP, especially with a knowledgeable driver. Each pass can take a third to half your HP and they can do multiple passes (thanks WG).

Shimakaze or Yue Yang are barely playable (thanks WG). Even AA DDs like Gearing or Groz have issues.

For the record I am a DD main, and know what I am doing. I have no problem with radar and know how to deal with it. These OP rockets are ridiculous, and there is little you can do, other than camping between your AA cruisers as WG wants you so (so it seems). Then what do I bring a DD for?

Therefore I have stopped playing T8+ DDs (thanks WG).

I can play DDs against T4 or T6 CVs with no issues as even good drivers can't do that much early on as the planes are not OP. Even T8 CVs are ok to play against as a DD.

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On 5/14/2019 at 1:52 PM, RA6E_ said:

I only have 2-3 games in Hak.. But early guess is....feels like I can come to terms with it.     Midway... I'm going to have to relearn my USN CV play.    I'm really not getting along with it.     Torps just feel bad in it.     I have this feeling that my reliance on TBs grinding up to it and the resulting build outs I've become accustomed to, I am just doing her all wrong.    At T10,  I also feel like the tactical,  spotting & DD hunting I have used a lot semi-successfully  in earlier tiers is not the way...  I just get this impression to make a T10 CV work you have to go full scale damage farming.   Makes sense at that tier when uptiered in a T8...However in a t10 you better be knocking out some HPs...    

Midway is very dependent on her Attack Planes and Dive Bombers.


Midway's TBs are very bad.  On paper, you see the large amount of torpedoes they can drop on a run.  In reality, you get disgusted by how long it takes to align the sights on an attack run and how low in damage they do.  Midway uses Tier IV Langley torpedoes.  Lord help you if you have to adjust your aim to the side during an attack run.


Lexington, Enterprise, Saipan all have vastly superior TBs than Midway.  Midway's TBs don't even behave like the Tier VIII USN CVs.


If you want better TB action in Tier X CVs, it's Hakuryu or Audacious.

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I don't personally know about the British of IJN ones, but I can tell you the Midway sucks right now hard.   It has zero weapons it can use against a DD, the AA specced cruisers eat planes all game, and the BBs are being hugged by the cruisers.    

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The midway's db would not be so bad if the dispersion was not so wonky.  I do not understand how you can have 90% of your reticle either over the still ship or over where it's headed but have 4 or 5 of the 6 bombs miss and hit water or when they do actually hit they just take out modules with no damage done.  If they would make the dispersion start with the center of the reticle and spread out to the edges of the reticle at least we could get some semblance of predictability.   The saipan is even worse with the same size reticle and 2 less bombs.  Yeah they hit hard when they hit however the % of times they hit is far too low when you factor in flight time and plane losses.

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