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some QoL improvements I like to see

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Below are some small changes I like to see so the gaming experience can be better.

1. when replenishing premium consumables with credits, allowed user to choose individual consumables to replenish with credits. i.e. I am using both premium damage control and spotting aircraft, but I always want to have premium dam con even if I have to spend credits, but I only want refill premium spotting aircraft if I have them in my inventory, once those run out, do not spend credits to buy new ones but use regular spotting aircraft instead. Right now you have to keep track of how many premium scouts have and turn off replenishment when you have 1 left, then re-equip premium damage con the next game. it's easy to forget and either spend extra credits or go into game with regular dam con because you forgot to re-equip the premium version

2. same as number 1 for flags

3. for economy flags, the "replenish with gold" option should be defaulted to off

4. like mounting flags, and camo, allow us to preview of ship stats when mounting upgrades, before we click to buy them. If I'm deciding between range or reload mod in the last slot, I like to know what range or reload will I have before buying the 3 mil upgrade.

5. Can we remove AA deadzones on some ships? i.e. some ships will have medium AA, but no close-in AA, or long-range AA but no medium AA. Just fill in the gap with the AA values of the next ring of AA. So if short range AA is missing, use the continous damage of the med-range AA, you can even add a penalty, like 60-70% of midrange AA, to represent less effectiveness of these guns to engage close-in targets. Similarly, if mid-range AA is missing, fill in with flak and continuous damage for long range AA. Number of flak same, but burst damage and continuous damage decrease to 60-70% as in short range case.

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