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Fail to get Kraken after Killing 5 Ships

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You were the last ship on your team and you died a split second before you got the kill. The match ended when you died and while you can get a kill in the split second before the match closes no achievements can be earned. It has been like this from back in testing and it doesn't happen often enough to make fixing it viable.

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On 5/7/2019 at 12:44 PM, ArnoldSchoenberg said:

The last ship was killed at the end of the game. In stat, I killed 5 ships but I did not earn Kraken. Replay is attached.


How shall I report to WG to get back my flags and Glory vs Honor points?






Send in the replay to the Support team and they will be able to take down information.


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I had a similar instance where I killed the last ship with the remaining citadel hit I needed to accomplish the task...

...not recorded, of course.

Not that I cared as I plan to grind the entire Soviet BB line.

It does point to a weakness in the code about capturing things that occur right before the game closes.

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