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The Bunny Cult is Looking to Adopt Your Soul! [BUNNY Recruitment]

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[BUNNY] White & Fluffy is looking to invite you to our clan!

We may not look like fearsome, savage warriors with our fluffy tails, floppy ears, round and adorable eyes, warm heart filled with love and…. joy… okay, we’re not exactly inspiring fear. But it turns out you don’t need to look menacing when even Tim the Enchanter fears your name! What, still not feeling it? Fine, here’s some video from one of our last clan battles. [BUNNY] RabbitOfCaebannog really “tears” into them! Just don’t look watch until the end, [ARTHUR] brought an illegal ship to the match.

We’re interested in adopting some new members into the clan and you might just be the perfect fit! [BUNNY] is currently a semi-competitive clan looking to add some new blood into the mix. We will consider all applications; however, space in the clan is unfortunately limited until more slaves keel over from exhaustion. As such, captains with an above-average skill level and higher are strongly preferred. Last Clan Wars season we managed to make it to Typhoon 3 by sacrificing a few players to the old gods (don’t worry, we paid out life insurance to their families) and we hope to go above and beyond in future seasons!

Our clan is highly diverse! While we all share a mutual love acceptance tolerance psychological enslavement to WoWs, many clan members have other interests as well! Whether you’re interested in competitive WoWs, anime, other games, becoming an immortal deity bent on galactic conquest, or just having fun with friends, [BUNNY] may be the clan for you! While we can’t guarantee that we’ll be the best fit for your needs, we strive to maintain a positive atmosphere in which both new captains and experienced veterans can feel welcome and grow as players. Or at the very least the delusion that escape is possible will be sustained so that we don’t all collapse into a ball of quivering fluffle.


Some General Acceptance Requirements

  • Please have at least 2 Tier 10 combat ready ships for Clan Wars (preferably in at least two different ship types)
  • Have a minimum of 2,000 battles played in Random Battles (or 100,000 Co-Op Battles if you hate yourself that much)
  • Have a win rate at or above 52% in Random Battles
  • Have access to and be active on Discord to stay up-to-date with clan communications information and dank memes
  • Denounce the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch as a WMD and pledge your undying effort to eradicated it from reality
  • Own a working microphone for communication during clan activities or the ability to project your thoughts across time and space into our minds
  • Be a mature and respectful individual – you will always have the right to your own opinion, but that right does not allow you to be disrespectful or abusive


Of course, what would a clan be without the juicy economic rewards you’ll get when you join! In our naval base our Shipbuilding Yard, Dry Dock, Coal Port, Research Center, and Officer’s Club are fully constructed! We’ve also partially completed the Academy, and Design Bureau! We haven’t begun work on our Steel Port, but that’s because we haven’t abducted recruited you yet to help amass oil to fund our burgeoning despotic regime! In short, joining will earn you oodles and oodles of extra sweet rewards every time you play the game! Moreover, we host competitions and giveaways on our Discord server from time to time! If you’ve got the skills/luck to win or the money to pay a hitman to eliminate your competition you might just walk away with some sweet new ships and games!

If you’re still questioning our skill on the battlefield, or this recruitment post makes you think 95% of us are on some form of drugs and should thus be avoided like the plague, here’s an example of us failing miserably!

So, what are you waiting for! Join the [BUNNY] Cult now!

To apply please contact me (Nukes, your new supreme leader and new living god) via Discord: one4nukes#0521


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