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My first Random all day day review

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I had a GREAT time, got MASSIVE credits XP FXP ect.  I played BB, DD, and light cruiser ( not sure yet if that is CA or CL ) also my new Heavy Cruiser.

I played from T5 to T8.  It was Great but at T8 the people were totally different.  Lost every single one I think.  Scored well but no one would push , cap or fight together.  One LOL round my ENTIRE team turned and ran LOL I didn't notice until I was getting Hammered as I killed a BB. They actually ran away , only a few even fire back and let them cap the whole map as they fled...it was amazing.

One this i KNOW the difference between bots in CO-OP and people in randoms are  

1) Bots fear NOTHING! People Panic.

2) Bots Aim FAR better than humans. The time of first volley from ANYTHING taking out engine steering and 3 other systems even when im zooming at 38 knots zigging is OVER LOL


Had a great time even with the frustrations. Got my three Crates so fast I was confused that I had earnd 1 and bought upgrades for my hnew ship all in the same session.


Random is easier to me because people make mistakes and have human reactions when you Cit the crap out of them or set them on fire.  I'm diggin this.

Col Out

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Glad you had a good time. Like I said in your previous thread, the more experience you get in the format, the easier it becomes. 

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