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Improved Autopilot/Stuck in Mountain

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One of the proposed changes for 8.4 or thereabouts (relating to CVs but I assume this applies to all):

4.In future updates, we plan to improve the ship autopilot function and "teach" it to avoid obstacles. This way you will be able to put one point on the map, and the autopilot will plot a route to bypass the Islands. If a collision (for example, in a narrow strait) with an island still happens, the autopilot will bring the ship back to open water and send it further along the route.

It would be wonderful if this could be something that could be used to get unstuck from a mountain side.  it doesn't happen often, but there have been a few times in which my ship has "slid" into a spot on a mountain, in which it is impossible to get out.  This could work as a "unstuck" or sorts.  You trigger the autopilot and if it can't move you, it will slid you out a bit so you can move again.

Very frustrating when you get stuck and are basically screwed.  Sometimes you can wiggle out, but not always and obviously, you make a juicy target.

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