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Mac Client launches, game dos not

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Starting randomly last week out of nowhere, when I click the shortcut for Warships on my desktop the client comes up, informs me I have the latest version and am ready to play. When I click the Play button, the client closes like it should, but rather then the game opening nothing happens. Like, nothing. Im left staring at my desktop with no activity. I checked my program list and Warships is no longer running on the computer. Its like it force quit itself. The back ground patcher is still running but thats a seperate program and it is just sitting idle. 

I have tried 
 -Launching the game form alternative routes
 -Launching the game in safe mode
 -Reinstalling the game (3 times)
 -Fully updating my Mac
 -Reinstalling my OS
 -Launching the game through a Virtual Machine 
 -Opening up the computer and ensuring all hardware is clean and operating smoothly. 
 -Swapping harddrives
 -Swapping Motherboards/CPU/Memory
 -Swapping the display 

All exibit the exact same behaviour with no changes or exceptions.As far as I know there was not a patch or something between me playing the game the previous evening and the next day, and noone else seems to be having this issue. The best I got is my MBP informs me the game isnt optimized for Mac's and as such will not be supported with my current OS and to contact the dev's and get them to switch to Mac as a platform. (Apple's latest stunt to try and get more marketshare I suspect, but it does this with all of my programs and none of them have just ceased to function before) 

I am currently downloading World of Tanks to see if it peforms the same way and will update the post accordingly. (It launches just fine)

Specs: Mac Book Pro
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GB
Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
CPU:2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Storage: 500gb SSD

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If you are using the Wine Wrapper, there is a beta version of the launcher/wrapper that you have to use. Here is a link to a dedicated thread on Mac issues:

In order to get it to work with my MacPro, had to delete the game and all the files, download the beta wrapper/launcher and download the game from that. The game works as well as it did before the patch, not sure there was any improvement with that update which is disappointing. If you are using Mojave, the issue could be with your graphics card since NVIDIA does not have a driver for the OS and neither does Apple since they are in litigation. You could get sporadic problems but that would affect everything, not just WoWS. I had to downgrade from Mojave to Sierra in order to get mine working well again. Anyways check that thread if you still are having problems, it is pretty lengthy and has been quite busy since the patch with problems/solutions. Good luck. 

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