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IJN Yubari

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The IJN Yubari was certainly an interesting one off or experimental design light cruiser.  Designed by Lt. Com. Fujimoto Kikuo under the direction of Constructor Captain Hiraga Yuzuru.  This design attempted to put similar combat capabilities of the 5,500 ton light cruisers into a warship using 57% of the displacement of the larger light cruisers.  As designed the IJN Yubari compared very well to the 5,500 ton cruisers with nearly the same speed (35.5 knots), radius of action (5,500 nm at 14 knots), broadside of guns ( 6 x 14 cm guns), and torpedoes (4 x 61 cm torpedo tubes).  However, when launched the IJN Yubari was found to be overweight by 419 tons (a trait found common in many pre-WWII IJN designs) and this affected the ship's speed and endurance.  Probably due to her small size the IJN Yubari was designed with a bridge structure larger ( 3 levels) than that of other light cruisers to accommodate staff officers as most IJN light cruisers were used as destroyer squadron flagships.  It was noted that the tighter grouping of the 14 cm mountings improved the firing rate compared to the 5,500 ton units.


IJN Yubari's significant wartime actions:

December 1941 - Invasion of Wake Island

January 1942 - Invasions of Rabaul and Kavieng

March 1942 - Invasion of Lae-Salamaua

May 1942 - Invasion of Tulagi and Port Moresby (invasion called off due to Battle of the Coral Sea)

August 1942 - Battle of Savo Island

August 1942 - Capture of Ocean and Nauru islands

July 1943 - YUBARI bombards the American landing beachead at Rendova Island with destroyers NIIZUKI, MIKAZUKI, YUNAGI, MOCHIZUKI, NAGATSUKI, HATSUYUKI, SATSUKI and AMAGIRI.

July 1943 - Damaged by mine.  26 sailors wounded and speed is reduced.

April 1944 - Sunk by USS Bluegill with one hit in the number 1 boiler room.  The cruiser goes dead in the water and an attempt is made by the IJN Samidare to tow the ship, but finally almost 24 hours after being torpedoed the IJN Yubari sinks.


IJN Yubari particulars:

Builder: Sasebo (1922-3)

Displacement: 3587 (f), 2800 (n)

Length: 450 feet wl, 436 feet pp

Beam: 39 feet 6 inches

Draught: 11 feet 9 inches

Machinery: 3-shaft Gihon GTU and 8 Kampon boilers

SHP: 57900

Speed: 35.5 knots

Radius: 5500 nm at 10 knots and 1400 nm at 33 knots

Armament: 6 x 5.5 inch 50 cal, 1 x 3.1 inch HA, 2 x mgs, 4 x 24 inch TT, and 34 mines


Rearmament notes:

In 1927 the shields to the TT were enlarged and the funnel raised.  In 1943 the IJN Yubari was armed with 4x 5.5 inch, 12 x 25 mm AA, 8 x 13 mm AA, and 4 x 24 inch TT.  By 1943 her displacement had risen causing her top speed to drop to 32 knots.  As a additional note there are some sources that state the IJN Yubari picked up an 5 inch HA gun in place of the single 5.5 inch gun in 'A' position.


IJN Yubari as built:


IJN Yubari after funnel height increased:


IJN Yubari showing 5 inch HA gun in 'A' position


http://www.shipbucke...Yubari 1944.png


Due to similar appearance and length the IJN AA destroyers of the Akizuki class were frequently identified as the Yubari until a positive ID of a new class of destroyer had been established.

IJN Yubari

http://www.shipbucke...n/CL Yubari.png

IJN Akizuki class

Posted Image

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Good one Haguro  :Smile_great:. I had been thinking about this cruiser the other day..due to her funnel design. Good post man  :Smile_honoring:

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The single 12cm/40 Type 89 in A position was added in March 1944. This refit also added a bunch of 25mm, a pair of DC racks and Type 22 radar set. As a result speed fell to 32 knots at full displacement (4450 tons at this point).


Also note that the displacements you gave were the design displacements. Actual displacement on completion was ~3300t standard and ~4100t full load.

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