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Hating CV????

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I hear "hating CV's" a lot. I've been  accused of "hating CV's".  It is true I believe CV's do not fit into this game because it is very improbable CV's can be balanced with the 3 surface classes.  This is NOT hating CV's.

Imbalance is a negative that subtracts from the enjoyment of the game. Warships is not a easy game to learn, let alone master. The fact that the CV rework changed how surface ships must play is evident by the need to rebuild our commander points. WG knew this and twice gave us time to restructure our commander points for free.

IF CV's could be balanced I would have no objections to including them in the game. BTW, balancing doesn't have to be spot on, BB's cruisers & DD's aren't perfectly balanced, but they are with in the ballpark. I'm not sure if CV's are on the same planet.

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In the end, the fact nothing much has really changed except more carriers and ‘easier’ mechanics makes the rework seem kind of pointless...

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well WG is to be blamed for their game design.

they make their game all about concealment, positioning, camping etc etc. then they introduce CVs which basically insta spot every ship, and your BBs take pot shots at cruisers which if theyre lucky theyll get good hits from 20km+ away.

they make AA totally literally RNG (they say its not, bruh but its all rng), so basically if youre bottom tier you get screwed by CV of higher tier (yay! fun and engaging)

I get it that CVs were a major part in naval warfare, however in this game they will have to drastically change its mechanics to even have it balanced for the game.

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