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Not a great Sunday...

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Not sure how folks Sunday is going but mine has been rather ugly... Think I went about 1-12 for the day in randoms over three different periods.  Played mostly DDs and did have some good games but of course they still resulted in a loss.

Common thread seemed to be either the constant spotting by aircraft, multiple radar detection and/or both.  I want to like this new CV play style but am having a hard time with the constant detection. Sure, I can smoke up but I only have so many and the airplanes just seem to keep coming...

Two things I wish WGing would consider.  First, have a delay in a carriers ability to launch it's first wave of aircraft.  Give the DDs a bit of a chance to get close to a cap.  Second, slow down the turn around time of being able to launch a new wave of planes.  Again, from my "DD perspective" planes just seem to keep coming & coming, especially in a two CV per side match...ugh...

I've tried the new CV play style in co-op and only have a small grasp of how it works.  I'm sure a CV player will say something like, "I do have to wait a long time to launch another group of planes." However, from my perspective (and I believe many of my fellow DD drivers would agree) the CV's ability to almost permaspot you (unless you pop smoke) really puts a damper on DD play but I'm sure thrills the BB drivers on the other side of the chart.

Oh, and speaking of the big boys in the back (on my team), please move up and support your local DDs.  Saw it work WONDERFULLY this weekend but unfortunately it was on the other team...

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As a DD main myself I've found CV's to be far less infuriating than the plethora of radar ships.  I can see planes approaching and avoid as best I can, which results in about 80% success in remaining undetected.  If I am detected I can smoke up and wait them out or wait until the friendly AA ships move up.  The problem is once I do smoke up I'm always hit with radar from some ship out of my LOS, then the planes (and everyone else in range) move in for the kill.

I have been having massive losses too in the past week, it's less about radar or CVs and more about the seeming influx of potato players.  No amount of CV reworking or radar elimination can force BB and some CA players to stop hiding behind islands or sitting on the B line while not pushing up.

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