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[XO] Xecutive Order

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From Chaos Comes...



    XO was founded on the premise that even the 'newest of newbies' should be able to participate in a Team or Clan environment from the very beginning of their World of Warships experience and, to be able to have Fun while learning some of the finer points of the game. Our Main Goal is to build & field a Competitive Team without sucking every ounce of fun out of playing the game in order to do so.

   Here at X-ecutive Order we take pride in being what we consider to be an All-Inclusive Clan and, because we are, our policy of recruiting even the newest players to the game will always play a role in fashioning the overall make-up of the Team. We do not impose 'artificially manufactured minimum requirements' on our new recruits like so many (too many actually) other clans do. No particular tier ship required. No arbitrarily arrived at number of battles to satisfy. No personal rating, experience percentage, kill ratio, damage or even win rate to prove you belong playing with XO. We view all of those 'Must-Haves' to be detrimental to growing the game and to keeping it a fun passtime, especially for newcomers.

   Our requirements are more Basic and, are asked of the Membership only to facilitate a Team Concept for times when playing as a unit (Clan Battles for instance) is imperative. For this we ask the following:

     1)  Have or be willing to install Discord as your communication link with the Team.

     2)  Have a headset & microphone (or reasonable substitute) for the reason stated in 'Rule 1'.

     3)  Be active, both on Discord and In-game at least once in every 14 day period.

     4)  DO Enjoy yourself...Keep it (mostly) clean...Be humble when winning / dignified when not.

     5)  DON'T bring 'Real-World' issues & problems to the game that many of us use to escape all that [edited].

     6)  Stow the Drama. It won't be tolerated.

                                                 If You're Interested In Trying A New Approach

                                      Simply apply In-game --------- Message me here or In-game


                                                                 Visit Us On Discord @




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