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World of Warships x Warhammer 40,000 Battlefleet Gothic Armada parallel

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Thought to share my thoughts. While I'm being a fan of Warhammer 40k, I'm beginning to see similar parallel in between this & Battlefleet Gothic Armada. If anyone of you played Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II, you'd probably get their relatable parallels.

US Navy: Imperial Navy + Tau Empire's carrier power

  • The vanilla battlefleet & the most powerful navy
  • Jack-of-all-trades generalists
  • Strong aircraft carrier potentials
  • Great at brawling with decent weapons

British Royal Navy: Imperial Navy + Adeptus Mechanicus niches & quirks

  • The another vanilla battlefleet at the other of the coin
  • Long range bombardment specialists, yet have some of the most fragile ships
  • Usually pioneers modern naval technologies
  • Other than that, they're similar to USN in other aspects

Imperial Japanese Navy: Forces of Chaos

  • The Big Bad battlefleet
  • Has some decent ship, but outweighed by many below average ships
  • Devastating long range torpedoes firepower along with main gun firepower ranging from powerful to mediocre inconsistency
  • Also possess powerful carrier-borne bomber squadrons
  • Yamato is literally the Vengeful Spirit

USSR VMF: Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines) + Necron's healing factor & gimmicks

  • Ships with decent speed & made to respond to any threats as quick as possible
  • Reliable at providing fire support, while excel at brawling (particularly with BBs & DDs' torps)
  • Has some of the most resilient ships with decent armor that at least allow them to stand on their own
  • Top tier ships have made with more advanced technologies
  • Kreml = Macragge's Honour
  • Repair Party = "They Shall Know No Fear!" + Necron element of self-repair
  • Consumables can be as unique as Necron trollish gimmicks
  • WG's "pet project" = GW's cash cow & poster boys
  • The widespread hate on it is very close to the level of Primaris Marines hate

German Kriegsmarine: Orks

  • Specialize at commerce raiding like pirates
  • Possess very dakka-ish & potentially dangerous secondary deck weapons
  • Ship are as dangerous as Soviet counterparts

French Marine Nationale: Aeldari (Eldars) + Drukhari (Dark Eldars)?

  • Has the fastest ships with unique engine booster ability
  • Their most powerful ships have weapons focus on the bow/prow
  • Some ships can be fragile
  • Secondary armaments have the longest range & potentially devastating
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Looked at that game, looks ok and watched some gameplay. There doesn't appear to be any cover and engagement ranges look short, almost immediate. Probably gonna wait for a sale.

Sorry, no comment on your description, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if they based some of the playstyle off of another game; in this case, WoWs.

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Dunno, as a 40k fluff fan I can't agree with some, though as you said it's based on Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2, so the nuances have to be fewer to allow a more uniform experience.

For example Chaos Fleet ships can have different traits based on their Chaos God allegiances, like Nurgle's Plague Fleets.

On the other hand, some Space Marine chapters and especially pre-Heresy Legions used to modify their designs to fit their role better. White Scars ships had (and possibly still do) much stronger engines than normal, allowing for incredible speeds. Raven Guard invested in Stealth technology, similarly to how Eldar possess holo-fields.

Still, the way it is always pictured in the books and other fluff, Space Marine ships are superior when it comes to planetary bombardments and boarding, whereas Imperial Navy ships are superior in space combat. They also have some pretty good carrier capabilities.

Chaos Fleets are too varied to really have a distinct "personality". Some of the pre-Heresy ships however are beasts.

Both Eldar focus on misdirection and harassment to be effective yet are quite fragile. Basically any corsair ever. 

Ork ships are each different from the other ( I guess the only relatively standard class is the Kroozer one and possibly Roks), but most are bulky, dangerous to their crews as much as to their enemies and in general have lots of close quarters weapons.

Necrons have possibly the deadliest ships individually, capable of insane damage, agility and endurance compared to their size.

The Tau are reasonably good at long range but get bodied when at close quarters. That said, the Manta is one of the most flexible vessels in the 40k universe. Their biggest problem is that because they don't use the Warp for travel but rather some type of near FTL technology they are pretty slow.

Last and as honorable mention, Hive Fleets can be pretty insane just from the way the bioforms look like; some of their capital vessels even use giant tentacles for close quarters. In general though they can be relatively weak at range, and can't function well without their large synapse vessels.

Anyway, that's it for your daily dose of 40k nerd :crab:.

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