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My CV feedback

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For most part, rework's successful in WG's goal of getting more participants. As long since noticed, it's probably the most heated topic in WOWS history (I wasn't around during OBT/CBT when CVs wrecked w/ impunity).

Speaking from Furious/Midway/Haku. Impalacable has only her maiden voyage and I own no other CVs at present.

1) AA

Very balanced, but main problem is flak and continuous damage. Former hits hard but can be dodged, latter's hit % is listed in your ship's AA (seen in port). I don't run AFT or slot 6's AA mod or BFT (unless MB reload on DD) for AA simply because continuous damage is often too slow at killing planes. 1-3 flak hits, OTOH, kills planes far more efficiently.

I've found that MAA and AA mod in slot 3 together is sufficient for self-defense. However, the chief issue is flak can usually be dodged.

What's firing rate on flak, btw? If saw right, it's like 3-6 seconds?

I would suggest an option to AA for each ship, working thus:

A) Current model where all flak's shot out at once. If all connects, squadron's down (very rarely happens)

B) "Always Defend" model where flak fires single or double shots, meaning there's always flak every second instead of a burst DPS. As a CV casual, flak is #1 reason for losing planes, and if flak hits constantly, even a Harekaze can eradicate Midway DB easily in about 18 seconds. CV sortie needs anywhere from 4-10 seconds (depending on plane type and aiming reticle tightening) plus another 3-7 for returning for another attack run). If this works as I expect, it means CV will be limited to about 1-2 sorties before all planes are shot down.

Of course, flak damage may need tweaking for this model to ensure even stock hulls do not become no fly zones.

Example when flak works well:


Just 2 flak hits and 5 planes in yellow. Were it at least 4 I'd have lost planes right there. Hence my thinking behind constant-firing flak instead of the burst DPS we got now.

2) CV survival

Increase max fire duration to 20 seconds and flood to 40 seconds.

Reduce AA mount HP by 40%. Given how much a high-tier CV's armor blocks damage, at least ensure it can be more vulnerable to opposing CV. I'm not saying enabling CV snipe (did that during PTS), but make it so CV is a more vulnerable target. The fighters alone are already very effective and hard to remove.

As to hitting CV, it should remain the team's to

3) Adjust sight stabilization (captain skill)

Instead of a distributed 5/5/10% to rocket, TB, and DB, I'd rather have option to choose only 2 or 1. A 10/18%, say, to TB and DB would be handy for US and IJN CVs. Right now it's barely worth 2 points seeing how except for the RN TB, moving mouse while in aiming mode messes accuracy badly.

4) Continuous damage

I'm not sure how effective AFT and AA in slot 6 and BFT makes this seeing as any CV captain can take Aircraft Armor to negate the BFT buff (and AA skill is recommended anyway).

It may be worth trying an revised AA system where the player can, before battle, choose between:

A) Current flak and cont. damage

B)  All flak that if connects, annihilates squadron

or C) All continuous damage that is assuredly harder to dodge.

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