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This lady is an anime trope come alive.

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You probably heard of this shoujo anime or manga trope of an exceptionally beautiful girl who just happens to be a genius in some sport, including mental ones like Karuto, Go, Mahjong or Shogi, right?  Said girl tries to overcome obstacles and win the championship, right?  Or it can be the reverse, our heroine protagonist needs to beat someone like that, a champion player that is hailed as a princess in her sport.


Meet Jia Jia or her English name, Joanne Missingham, currently the strongest women's Go player in Taiwan.   Her rank is currently 7th Dan.  









Some articles about her including more about her bio.






I don't play Go myself but I got a great admiration of the game for its concept of strategy, the required mastery of space, position, and economy to achieve it. 

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