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Fighters and You

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Throughout my time playing a CV since the rework hit live, I've come to realize a handful of things about both types of fighter consumables.

Are you a CV? If you are under attack by planes, you can recall your planes rapidly and deploy up to 3 fighters near you, assuming none are currently active. This trick isn't just useful for personal defense, however. You can also use it to protect your team. If you want to defend DDs, start the game by sending out the sort of planes you plan to use the least. For me, when, for example, I'm in Midway, that's my torpedoes, as those things aren't very useful. You aren't actually going to be using these planes, so don't worry. Once in position, drop your fighter and recall. Send out the kind of planes you actually want to use, and you now can use a second fighter if you want, well before the first one finishes, while also potentially preserving fighter charges on the type of plane you will have in the air more often.

Are you not a CV? If you want to shoot down planes but get attacked, deploy it just early enough that it's active for when they arrive. My guess is about 5-10 seconds before they arrive, as I haven't played much other than CV since the rework went live. However, if you want to ward off the attack altogether, pop it as soon as you spot the red planes going in your direction, as a smart CV will stay far away from you, finding a better target instead. I suggest the premium fighter consumable, as you can do it once more and do it more often. You can also grab superintendent if you want to go full tilt on buffing fighters, as that extra charge can be a deciding factor if you live long enough.

General advice: If you plan to use your fighters a lot, get the 1 point skill that gives them an extra fighter. This will allow your fighters to shoot down more planes, while also surviving AA for that little bit longer. This skill is more useful outside of a CV's use, however, as the CV's fighters have more planes. In an AA build, I'd go so far as to say it's your most effective AA buff if you have a fighter.

Do you have fighter advice that I haven't said? Tell us in the comments below! Please be constructive, however, as this is a place to find advice, not salt.

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