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How the movie Blade started it all.

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Blade laid the template that would resurrect Marvel from a bankrupt company to a movie powerhouse.  


The template worked like this.  Take a not so famous superhero, then give it the best stars and budget possible, treat it like its on same league as Batman, give it a highly visual style, with plenty action and character development.  




Blade brought us the first black superhero in the movies, and the first R-rated superhero movie.   This movie wasn't afraid to spill blood.


For a bit of triva, in the third and last movie, Blade: Trinity, Ryan Reynolds was first introduced into his first superhero and Marvel movie.




Wise cracking guy with vulgar humor with a gun... yeah, that sounds like Ryan Reynolds.  


The future of Blade?  in 2011, Marvel regained the film rights for the Blade character, and there were plans to use Blade within the MCU.  However Kevin Faige, back in 2016, said there are no immediate plans to use the character.    Blade had association with Doctor Strange, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers in the comics, with Black Panther recruiting him into the Avengers.  


Phase 4 Marvel?  I hope  to see Blade as part of the post Endgame Marvel universe.  This guy is as badass as they come and also a change from characters wearing leotards.  Naturally he would be rewritten and restarted, although his key characteristics and elements should remain.  


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all of this is true

would love to see a new Blade, but Snipes is so Iconic in the role, I don't know who they could get that would live up to the comparison

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The first Blade was a blast. Perfect ultraviolent action. Some of the best 10 minutes of a action movie I have seen. The only begining that comes close is James Bond "Specter"

If there are two roles that makes you all the bad Snipes movies forget, then it's the first Blade and New Jack City.


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