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A plea for balancing AA

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CV problems are far too many, but AA is one of them...when you're uptiered with a CV, you're an immortal, when you're downtiered, you're almost useless.

There are some options to be done to balance AA for those cases, besides manual aiming:

  • You could "buff" AA against higher tier planes and "nerf" AA against lower tier planes.
  • You could change the difficulty to dodge flak based on the tier of the ship.


It's normal in games to have some kind of balance when the fight is "unfair" like giving a boost to defenses or offense, what isn't normal is this:


Nevermind the Cleveland, he was an island hugger that did nothing all game but last hit and only moved when he was the last non-CV ship alive. The Dallas killed lots of fighter planes since I'd often bring them to him.

Having all the planes kill scored on T8 ships just because they're high tier is really bad for the gameplay, of course it's good for the money, to be able to force players to tier up faster just to deal with planes is a "valid" strategy to make some money out of premium, flags and FEXP.


Most of the times you're able to dodge the CV's payload, example of that would be the Mahan of this match that dodged a lot of my damage, but it's disheartening to see full squads coming towards you and your blob ALL THE TIME just because you and the people around you don't have good AA, it's even worse when you manage to survive to the late game but you're a T6 against a T8 CV.

It's also not fun for the CV player since it's not a game of wits between you and the enemy anymore, it's just a game of god where you decide if he'll live or die, AND THIS IS NOT OK, CVs are all about strategy and surgical precision to do their attack runs, we need to plan engage route, get away route, spotting ranges, flak dodging, enemy movement...we need to plan A LOT, and against ships 2 tier down it's not what happens in most of the cases (specially with USN CV and their "penetrate all" rockets and bombs.


So I ask, to bring more challenge to CVs that are the higher tier of the match. At the same time, to reduce the challenge when you're the lowest of the match.


CVs problem are quite simple:


T4 is boring. No challenge required but since it's a "introduction tier" it's forgivable.

T6 is too strong. Planes are too durable while AA isn't the best, even T8 AA.

T8 is too strong against T6 and most of the time too weak to T10.

T10 is most of the time too strong, but in the T10 range your can still get some plane loses.


If you need to balance something, start with T8 IMMEDIATELY because this is the tier that gets most of the matches played, from T6 (mid-game) to T10 (end-game).


BTW: I didn't focus the T8 ships until far late in the game, before anyone says that those guys got the plane kills because I was focusing them all day long.

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I have been suggesting buff/nerf based on tier difference for a long time as the simplest way to balance AA.

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