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Drop the HE pen on the Gunboats

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Now, I love my Akizuki and Kitikaze, and I'm getting used to the Harugumo. 

But I have to say, from a game balance perspective, the increase from /6 to /4 for their 100mm HE pen was too much. It's simply not OK for these guys to be going through BB and CA armor like a buzzsaw, especially at the rate of fire they put out. 32mm of penetration (with IFHE) is simply overpowered. It leaves 80% of a same tier BB or heavy cruiser vulnerable - as all your shots come plunging down, only the main deck and turret armor of some of these ships can stop it. Having 80% of the hits pen isn't fair or balanced. Mowing down a full health BB singlehandedly in under 90 seconds is actually quite easy. That's ridiculous.

It turned these ships from requiring skill and practice to play into an Easy Mode moron-enabled ship like the Conqueror.


They really should have the pen reduce to /5. The would enable them to use HE on DDs (and BB superstructure) without needing IFHE. And with IFHE, you could pen 25mm, which allows you to fight cruisers well, but not overpower them. You'd be required to know how to use AP on BBs, and you'd really only be able to hit superstructure with the HE.

The /4 is overpowered, and hurts balance quite a bit, not to mention making formerly fun and challenging ships seriously dumbed down.


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Amen, I agree that the 1/4 was not needed at all, and that 1/5 is a much more logical choice especially given why WG buffed the pen to begin with.

With 1/6, anyone without IFHE would be unable to penetrate same-tiered DDs. So using 1/5, the penetration would be sufficient to penetrate all Destroyers minus Khabarovsk and Gearing‘s midship section. Add IFHE, and latter will also be included as well as all 25mm plating. 27mm plating at the same time remains save, almost as if that value is supposed to provide more protection.

Even the game mechanics are begging for 1/5. Just let it happen~

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I don't understand WG's insistence on keeping IFHE around.

Just set the HE penetration to a fixed number of their pleasing and keep it at that.

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I agree HE pen should be balanced per each ship.  IFHE should be replaced.  For example I think 128mm German HE could use baked in 1/4 pen since its such low alpha, and would be in line with secondaries on BBs.  That would take them to 25mm pen.

That said Akizuki and Harugumo give up a lot for that firepower.  If they lose the pen, I think they need buffs in the maneuverability department.  Kitakaze is the only one that is OP in my mind, but mind you the people I see complain most about these ships try to bow tank.  You just cant do that.  Taking 32mm pen away is giving up a lot on the ships because they are more CL than DD.  Kitakaze should have a 6.1km concealment to reflect that.

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