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Lego Space Battleship "HMS Dionard"

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This took about 20 hours, over the course of three nights. I started with the stern and worked forward (which some people may feel is unnatural, but I actually regard good-looking engines as the most important element of big starships, so that’s where I stepped off). It’s about 5,200 pieces without finished interiors, so my guess is that the completed model would be somewhere in the 5,900-part range – eminently doable, though certainly not a walk in the park. 

I went back and forth on both the front design, as well as the ski-jump. Ultimately, while it was a little on the risky side, I decided to utilize the inverted airplane tail for the ‘nose,’ largely because I didn't think it had been done before (though it does make the thing look a bit like the Concorde... but whatever :P). Even though the ski-jump mars the otherwise fairly clean lines of the hull, I found myself thinking back to the original SNES Star Fox (and how cool it was to launch down those long fighter bays) as I built that area, so I wanted that experience built into the ship.

The name of the vessel is rather obscure, but worthy for a wolf-based starship (it’s a brief, but sad read): http://archive.is/z5QYn

•    3 minifig-scale interior spaces (bridge, lounge/park, engineering).
•    An inter-connected fighter-bay and launch ski-jump (you can actually peer all the way down the jump conduit into the main bay).
•    Retractable/extendable thruster wings (via a crank on the port side).
•    Swooshable, rigid, multi-plate and block construction.
•    (Very) loosely based on EVE-Online’s Amarr Apocalypse-class battleship.

Length: 1,500 m
Decks: 144
Crew: 2,500
Impulse Speed: 125 m/s
Warp Speed: 2.2 AU/s
Warp Calculation Time: 20 seconds

-14x 30.5 cm laser rifles
-15x 10 gigaton nuclear missiles (supply of 90; speed 15 AU/s; range 1 lightyear)
-1x gamma-ray cannon
-40x quad point-defense ion guns

Spacecraft Compliment: 
-60x fighters
-30x light bombers
-10x heavy bombers
-10x armed reconnaissance craft
-6x dedicated crew shuttles
-4x assault dropships
-2x tugs
-1x admiral’s pinnace
(Room for several additional ships - small freighters, etc.)




I'll be posting one more photo of the back once it finishes rendering (and after I wake up). The engines will take a very long time to go through the rendering process because of all the silly clear pieces :P.

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