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Twitch Crashing World of Warships

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So I have tested this extensively, but it appears that whenever I'm running twitch it crashes World of Warships on my computer. It doesn't matter if I'm watching streams not related to WoWs so its not container related. When I'm running an internet browser that's not twitch there are no problems with WoWs. I've tried twitch on different browsers (both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge) and the game still crashes. I have tested running twitch while playing other games and none of those games crash (World of Tanks, Dota 2, Hearts of Iron 4, and others). I have tried closing all other background apps (Steam, Discord, Spotify) in case they were a compounding factor but this had no effect. The game freezes so I cant send an error report because I have to move the game into a different window (it freezes the entire window and the only way to fix it is by win+tab and moving it to a different window then opening the task manager back up on the original window and manually closing the app). Just wanted to let you guys know about the issue. If theres any questions feel free to ask.

Edit: My twitch account and WG account are linked so theres a possibility that's involved.

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