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CV rework-a positive note

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I never watched many CV replays under the old system as they were just too boring.

Now they're fun to watch and its interesting to see how CVs do at different tiers in the replays.

Just as always when ive had enough of playing, i d/l a few replays and sit back and enjoy.


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Ironically I feel the opposite, perhaps because of a degree of familiarity. There is a lot of subtlety and complexity to the RTS version, only mired by unresponsive controls and the fact they never made a proper camera. I like the give and take of it, the bluffing and fighter maneuvers while sneaking in attacks and trying to do some spotting without losing a unit for 3 minutes. I think thats what I liked about watching them, one mistake could severely set you back and there was always more to do than you could handle.

With the new version, I think the lack of risk just negates the pretty graphics for me. I don't feel any tension when the new CVs are surprised by an AA ship or might lose their whole squad, since as a viewer it makes almost no significant difference to the decision making process or ability to engage/protect.

But it's good you enjoy them. I'd recommend WoWp replays too, they are very dynamic.

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