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CV planes = BB ammo

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So, I'm pretty sure this will be ignored by WarGaming, just like years ago when I suggested my idea on how to fix the RTS Aircraft Carrier (CV) gameplay. I'm gonna keep this short because, honestly, this is my final attempt to do anything in support of the game development cycle.

I call it "CV planes = BB ammo". what does this mean raptor? glad you asked. what this means is quite simple. ALL aircraft carriers have a standard reload of about 30 seconds. the "planes on deck" system that currently exists is abolished. gone, doesn't exist. the major difference with what I'm proposing makes it so your stuck doing nothing for less time, you can't spam a single squadron type at the enemy to "haku shotgun" torp drops, "rket rockets" on DDs, or whatever other tactics are out there and in return you truly do have unlimited planes. no more half squadrons caused by the 5 planes on deck nonsense. so, here's what the "CV planes = BB ammo" suggestion does...

1.) the game starts. all squadrons are prepped and you get to have fun doing nothing for 30 seconds, like a battleship.
2.) after the 30s "arming" time, you pick a squadron and it takes off. let's pretend we've sent up Torpedo Bombers (TBs).
3.) the TBs fly about, find a target and we'll say that the planes were unlucky and all 9 are shot down.
4.) the CV is locked out of the TBs for 30s while a new TB squadron is prepared. however, the other two plane types are ready to go. let's say we send out a team of rocket planes.
5.) the rocket planes go out, search around for a bit, and 3 of 9 are shot down. the other 6 make it home. no advantage to them returning. (maybe at a later date, returning planes apply a little bit of a cooldown enhancement. like -1s per recovered plane)
6.) the TBs are ready for another flight, 9 TBs take off. (because this isn't the old system that'd say you only have 5 planes on deck ready to fly.)
7.) rinse and repeat for the rest of the battle. that squadron type is locked out for 30 seconds AFTER the last plane R.T.B.s/dies, forcing the CV to launch a different squadron. so send up TBs, know that once the last one drops its fish or is shot down, you can't use TBs for 30 seconds.

now, what this might do is 3 things.
A.) it makes it so the apparent issue of spotting can't happen as quickly.
B.) it prevents a CV from spamming one squadron type all game.
C.) because now the planes are truly unlimited, in theory, it should encourage pilots to swing around and risk another attack. meaning that the defending ship gets more of a chance to fight its attacker.

the major con I can think of for this is that pilots will be reckless. they won't care about the losses because the planes truly are unlimited and all they have to do is wait for 30s to get a whole new squadron. but then again, does anyone care to fire torps carefully when all it means is "wait 100 seconds for torps to be reloaded."?that's my suggestion... probably won't be noticed by WarGaming and the devs, so I'm probably just wasting my time. if my fellow captains wish to comment, go for it. but if you wanna help, then see if you can get someone from WarGaming to take a look and somehow tell them.

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Do they get the same flight time as BB shells?

Same rate of interception?

Same rate of depletion/expenditure?

What you describe is similar to what is already in play. Squadron aircraft have to return to the carrier. This takes time. If you have had too many shot down, you won't have any of that type available on deck. Or an 'understrength' squadron. This means you have to wait for replacements to be hauled up from the hangar. Or you 'fire' and understrength 'salvo'.

All very similar to the BB ammo / limitless torpedo reload mechanics.

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