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[TFCAS] The Filthy Casuals are Recruiting!

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The Filthy Casuals

- English Language Preferred

- 18+ w/Mature & Competitive Spirit (At least a will to give it your all!)

- Willing to create Divisions

- Active Daily (Weekend Warriors accepted)

- Mic is completely optional

- May create a Discord if enough people will use it


Always being taken advantage of by the ill effects of RNG? Ever wonder why you can nail a ship 5 times for 1k damage but the enemy hits you for 10k+ in a single shell? Have you ever wanted to jump out of the window when all 10+ shots land within less than a cm from the enemy causing a complete miss? Us too! Join a growing band of casual players who look for absolutely nothing but the joy of the game, the spray of the sea and the company of your fellow Captains. While we may seem like we wear 2 eye patches, we do very much try our hardest but sometimes, most times, are blindsided by the wrath of our Lord and Savior: RNGesus. We aren't weighed down by the pressure of carrying the team or making 0 mistakes in battle. We simply fight together, laugh together and learn together. 

Are you a Below-Average Captain? So am I. Be welcomed with open arms!

Are you a professional killer? Take charge of this team of blind monkeys and teach us the art of the warship!

Just looking to make friends and take advantage of Clan bonuses? You're in! 


Please note that while we aim to be a wholesome community of combat & comedy, we do not wish to and will not tolerate bad attitudes, TKing and trolling. If the steam of the engines are starting to wear you down then simply take a break, cool off and hop back in to the fight.


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Alright, I'm going to be honest.....This is the greatest posting I've ever seen for a clan recruitment. I too find myself at the mercy of RNGesus and my 2 eye patches and would be honored to join a legion of blind monkeys.

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