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Stalin said a lot of stuff.  Mostly crazy stuff because....nutbag!

I believe that you are better than mediocre.  I am pretty sure that the median is 48% because math.

Besides, mediocre is still a good thing if you do it with style.  :Smile_great:

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26 minutes ago, handybilly said:

Was it Stalin who once said "Mediocrity itself has its own quality" ?

world of warships.jpg

If you want the honest analysis, you are spending too much time in the rear of the pack. I base this on the low average number of ships spotted per battle (only 1.5) and low amount of average potential damage (3 big salvos from a BB can be almost that much). Let me take a guess: you play a lot of cruisers that sit behind cover? Or bow tanking BB's? The high accuracy could apply to either. If you're a DD player then you have a major problem because you are not spotting at all (average 1.5 is abysmal for a DD; even RU DD's should be responsible for most of the spotting in a match) which means you are just spamming torps from max range and smoke camping and might as well just be AFK for your efforts. And the abysmal 6 kills ever with secondaries (which is 100% *not* skill dependent; you just have to be forward) screams that you spend too much time too far away from the enemy. My suggestion, start closing the distance and try to hang in the 8 km range and you'll see a jump in performance. But you're spending too much time out of the fight and then dying instantly when the match turns against you (as evident from the low potential damage; what damage that get's shot at you, you take; also a typical sign of campers who cannot always angle properly or alternatively, DD's that camp smoke and die from torp walls instantly).

If you're a BB player, learn to push a cap. If you're a CA/CL player, learn to dance and shift position more. And if you're a DD player, quit, as you are spending too much of the match trying and failing to be a Cruiser player (non-sarcastically: if you're a DD player, try learning to run and gun: DD's are super tanks and can draw fire like nothing else: use that and get the whole of the enemy team shooting at you. Also, start spotting).

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Thanks, it is good advice and I will take it to heart. I will report back if there is an improvement. 

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