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What if Wargaming Games helped Teach AI Drone Vehicle...

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Decided it was time for me to have another humor thread, so decided to depict possible results of a fictional government and it’s military forces using Wargaming games to train their AI drone vehicles. Enjoy! :Smile_smile:

Imagine what would happen if a theoretical  Government partnered with Wargaming to secretly use the players playing their games to help train AI controlled combat vehicles. And after collectively millions of hours of combat training online the data was uploaded into warships, tanks, and aircraft. And deciding they now had the Ultimate Weapons in the world they decided to use them in War. After all they would now have more combat experience than any human could ever possibly have and would be far superior  right?

So the order to deploy and attack goes out, then the technicians monitoring the situation start reading off the odd progress reports to their commander in chief...

Naval Report,

Naval Task force 1 deployed in Arctic Ocean encountered 1 lone enemy DD on recon patrol and instead of engaging the DD the task force fled to Antarctica. Except for 1 Cruiser which stayed behind firing erratically, was disabled by the enemy DD, and has been continuously sending odd distress signals about the rest of the task force ships being complete idiots, noobs, plenty of profanity, and will not stop transmitting these messages. We recommend it be dealt with, and respectfully request permission to neutralize the obviously defective  unit to prevent further communication chaos... Oh never mind half it’s task force just returned and sank it themselves. Now they are chattering with each other in similar manner and have opened fire on each other instead of the enemy vessel.

Task Force 2 has renamed themselves “Fleet of the Fog” and have altered their adaptive camouflage enhanced stealth features with wild brightly colored patterns and appear to be putting on a  pyrotechnic lightshow that we can observe from orbit.

Task Force 3 Tried to engage enemy warships and appeared to be successful unto our DDs did massive torpedo spread from the rear or allied battle line and wiped out half of their task force instead of their intended enemy targets. Other half of the task force all beached themselves on islands.

Task Force 4 returned to port and huddled together in what could be described as a panic. Reason for this action was mistakenly identifying a large flock of seagulls for a large force of enemy planes trying to attack them. We are currently waiting for them to run out of AA munitions before approaching the vessels to run diagnostics. In the mean time we are attempting to reason with them to calm them down.


Tank Battalion Report,

Out of 1,000 Tanks we sent to defeat our enemies, 156 were drowned in waterways despite nearby bridges we had supplied for them, they decided against using the bridges stating they were “unsafe”. 320 tanks have driven full speed off of cliffs and were destroyed. 400 tanks were ordered to take cover and wait for orders to attack, they then proceeded to advance into open fields where they were visible for hundreds of kilometers and were destroyed. 100 tanks informed us to “SHUT UP NOOB!!!!” when we issued them orders, objectives, and overall battle plan. But at least we currently have 24 tanks that are following our our plans, and are standing by for further instructions 


Air Units Report,

Don’t ask, you don’t want to know.


Awaiting further developments...


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