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Capt Skills for HMS Furious???

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I recommend against torpedo acceleration: yes you get a little more speed, but you also get penalised for drop distance. Soo while your torp moves faster, it also has to move further. The added arming time also reduces one of your few advantages - a tight turn cross-drop.

I also recommend against demolition expert: All you get is a pitiful bonus to an already pitiful rocket fire chance. And the bonus to the bomb drop is meh. Not sure it is worth 3 points.

I'm of two minds on Survivability Expert. I want it to help - your aircraft are so slow they stay in AA bubbles longer. But the actual bonus to squadron hit pools doesn't seems negligable.

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For a 10 point captain i would recommend the following build: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=8,10,24,29,32&ship=AirCarrier

The only point of contention is weather you want Demo Expert or Survivability Expert for that extra 90 HP to base plane HP.

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On 4/12/2019 at 4:35 PM, Herr_Reitz said:

I stupidly use this all the way up the tree: 



This build is the best for RN carriers. 

Unlike IJN or USF carriers that rely on alpha strike damage (aka direct damage), the RN CVs rely on damage over time (DOTS) such as fires and floods. 


A player whose good at managing to constantly keep fires and floods going will feel roght at home in the RN carriers. If done right, they can easily out damage the other nations. 

Something to note is the British planes are the slowest in the game, but are the most maneuverable, and most armored. You want to take full advantage by increasing their hp and armor. Speed is nice, but not necessary like IJN which relies on speed to save them. 

Still... faster planes are nice. 

You'll definitely want torp acceleration and Demolition expert along with sight stabilization. 

These three skills will help you land torps easier, and increase fire chance on rockets and bombs. 


As far as how to play them... theyll take getting use to. While IJN is all about sneaky torp drops, and USF is about being a speed freak with your rocket planes, as a brit carrier youll spend most your time floating around the map slowly and taking mental notes on whose used damage control consumables. These are the targets you want to strike. 

You dont get as many aircraft as the other nations... so you have to make the biggest impact with what you got. 


Luckily, theyre the easiest to play, but hardest to get high damage games worth bragging about. 

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