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Thank you to those involved

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This is to quickly thank the following players I've been graced to play with today.

I needed an achievement, asked whether I could ram the CV. The Minotaur player @2P0 (on my left) replied with "Go for it". As well as a Yamato @[SRPHC] michel200 (couldn't find you on this forum?) in my right flank breaking off that easy kill. All within less than 12~14km away. 

Side note, OPFORs Bismarck player @Jozzaboy was halted for about 5 minutes behind an island off a cap. He wrote in chat: "Someone kill me, been stuck for 5 minutes" (paraphrasing). I wrote in response: "Straighten up then move". To which Bismarck said, "I tried lol". So I pushed up to him, and wrote; "I'll nudge you". "Thanks" came the reply. The amusing thing is that right before I could get in contact. My bow decided to greet the shallow water just about 1 meter or so off him. Basically, what we all know as "pulling a @Notser". We both laughed, in the midst of shells flying literally all around our ships (imagine WWII MG nest going cyclic). His HP was quickly depleting. I had to (sorry Jozza) fire...(this is after not wanting to fire onto him). Eventually, sinking Bismarck as requested by the Captain. 

I must admit, those two events in one battle. Made my evening even better in Warships, and dare I say. Reminded me of previous years, enjoyments.

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