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Des Moines - Different ship once Legendary

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I use to play the Des Moines and it's game play to me was rough, not responsive in playing the ship. Out of all my tier 10 ships, I really hated this ship. However that has changed. Thanks to WG in allowing you to purchase the Legendary upgrade with Ironium from the Space Battle missions, I was able to purchase the Legendary upgrade for the Des Moines



Des Moines Tier 10


Buy all premiums (DFAA + Radar)


Slot 1- Main Armaments Modification 1

Slot 2- Surveillance Radar Modification 1

Slot 3- Aiming Systems Modification 1

Slot 4- Steering Gears Modification 2

Slot 5- Concealment System Modification 1

Slot 6- Enhance Propulsion (Legendary)

Signal Flags

X - X - X -

X - X - X - X

X X - - X

- - - - - -

- -

Commander skill sets (John Doe)

1- Preventive Maintenance

3- Expert Marksman

6- Superintendent

10- Concealment Expert

12- Adrenaline Rush

17- Demolition Expert

19- Manual Fire Control for AA Armament



And what a difference the ship is now to me. I was really happy in the last match in playing the Des Moines. I shot down 42 planes with this configuration. I was able to pump 100k in damage from that match too. If you can get the legendary upgrade before you can complete your personal mission, do so. I found the results better than I have expected. 

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