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Major issues logging in.

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When i went to log in this morning i couldnt get past the login screen, the Anchor icon would just sit there and then it would go back to before you even clicked connect.  I tried repairing and checking my game it was fine, went to log in and it still wouldnt 'connect'.   I finally say screw this and uninstalled the game and downloaded the steam copy.  The steam copy takes forever but after 3-4 mins it finally goes into port, problem is port is so laggy its like im playing on an etch a sketch and not a PC.

What did WG do with this last update that fubared it so bad.  My pc has run WoWS fine for years, now the port is lagging so bad i cant do anything.  Anyone else having issues like these?

Issue seems to have fixed itself, no idea what did it. 

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