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T47 class "Guépratte": A t9/10 premium proposal

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The introduction of the French DD line should be exciting for fans of DDs, especially those who find themselves most often in a gunboat. Ignoring the pitiable initial stats on first development release (firmly placing Kleber low-to-bottom on most charts in comparison to her competition), French destroyers appear to be centered around very high maneuverability, heavy hitting guns, and brutal ambush damage with torpedoes. A running problem with French destroyers was the lack of any notable anti-aircraft armament. In later classes such as the Le Hardi class, France developed a 130mm DP twin mount for use in anti-aircraft weaponry.

In the current game meta, the lack of any long range or reliable anti-aircraft armament is a glaring weakness that will cripple these destroyers in any game with a carrier, moreso perhaps than other ships. Hell, even Shimakaze was given DP main guns. These destroyers don't have a defined role in the game or match when ships like Khabarovsk or Grozovoi can achieve the same results with more consistency. Allow me, if you will, to present: French Destroyer, Guépratte D632.


Guépratte belongs to the T-47 class of French Destroyers, succeeding the Fantasque (and Mogador), Le Fier, and Le Hardi Classes. The first of the T47's was laid down in 1951 and launched in 1953. The class was based off of the Le Hardi class to be squadron escorts. They were moderately slower than their predecessor at 34 knots. With an initial purpose of fleet anti air, the T-47 class was given 3x2 127mm/54 MLE 1948, 3x2 57mm/60 MLE 1951, and 4x1 20mm Oerlikon cannons for anti aircraft. These guns exist in game as the secondaries / AA on Republique and Henri IV. The initial design saw a single quadruple torpedo system mounted between the X 127mm gun and the PQ 57mm guns. The ships were marginally lighter than the Mogador class and could fit very well in a t9/10 bracket. Consumables could include Damage Control Party, MBRB / Speed Boost (+20%), DFAA (+300%), Smoke.

Some theoretical statistics:
Tier - 9 / 10
HP - 19800
Research / Purchase price - 500k FXP or 180k coal. Stop only having steel DDs, thanks.

127mm/54 MLE 1948 - 3x2
RoF - 15 - 18 shots/min
Reload Time - 3.3 - 4sec
Rotation Speed - 20 deg/sec
180 Degree Turn Time - 8 sec
Firing Range - 12.1km
Maximum Dispersion - 100m
HE Shell - 127mm HE Mark 41 ( HE Com Mark 42 ? )
Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1800
Chance of Fire - 9%
Initial HE Shell Velocity - 808m/sec
HE Shell Weight - 31.5kg
AP SHell - 127mm AP Mark 41 ( HC Mark 41 ? )
Maximum AP Shell Damage - 2200
Initial AP Shell Velocity - 808m/sec
AP Shell Weight - 31.5kg

550mm E18 - 4x3 pcs
Rate of Fire - 0.77 shots/min
Reload time - 77 sec
Rotation Speed - 25 deg/sec
180 Degree Turn Time - 7.2 sec
Maximum Damage - 18400
Torpedo Speed - 70 knots
Torpedo Range - 8km

AA Defense
127mm/54 MLE 1948 - 3x2 pcs
= Number of Explosions in a Salvo - 3
= Damage Per Second in Flak Radius - 1680
= Continuous Damage Per Second - 84.5
57mm/60 ACAD MLE 1951 - 3x2 pcs
= Number of Explosions in a Salvo - 3
= Damage Per Second in Flak Radius - 1260
= Continuous Damage Per Second - 234.84
20mm Oerlikon Mk4 - 4x1 pcs
= Continuous Damage Per Second - 234.84

Maximum Speed - 34 knots
Turning Circle Radius - 700 m
Rudder Shift Time - 4.4 sec

Surface Detection Range - 7.66km
Air Detection Range - 3.5km

Battle Levels
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 [9  10]


Guépratte is a late war destroyer designed and built in France. Designed as an accompaniment to aircraft carriers, they combine powerful dual-purpose main guns with a heavy anti-aircraft armament to ensure the safety of escorted ships.

Unlike other high tier French destroyers, the Guépratte focuses more on cap control, anti-aircraft escort, and stealth gameplay. Unlike Mogador and KleberGuépratte is armed with 127mm guns (as found on Henri IV and Republique). These guns reload much faster than the twin 138.6mm and boast a superior training rate to help Guépratte fend off any destroyer in a close engagement. Their effect falls off at longer ranges, but the higher fire chance will make up for the faults. She will be most comfortable around islands, smoke screens, and allied ships.

Guépratte has 4 torpedo launchers capable of launching 6 torpedoes per broadside. These torps are fast, hard hitting, and very short in range. These torpedoes have a short reload of 77 seconds, allowing her to launch a small spread with great persistence. These torpedoes will also find a home in ambush attacks, aided by the speed and maneuverability of the ship. Guépratte has a small stealth torpedo window and will have to travel well into radar detection range to make concealed attacks. With a detection range of 1.4km, these torpedoes are difficult to spot and will pack a punch when getting struck by them. At longer ranges, these torpedoes don't pose much of a threat, but become very troublesome for careless captains when attempting to close the distance. Guépratte has a couple of builds to choose from. Players may focus on a Main Battery Build or an Anti Aircraft Build when customizing the ship upgraded and captain perks.

Unlike other French DDs, Guépratte may equip a powerful Defensive AA Fire consumable in place of the Main Battery Reload Booster for players who value anti-aircraft cover over gun performance. Compared to the 40mm Bofors of the Gearing, or the 45mm Autocannons of the Grozovoi, the 57mm anti aircraft on Guépratte pack a serious punch on both flak damage and constant damage. However, the mounts are fragile and few in numbers, leading to significant drops in damage and AA potency as the battle wears on or HE damage is sustained.

Fast turning guns, fairly fast rate of fire
Defensive Fire and potent AA
Moderately good concealment at 6.0km sea detection
Hard hitting, fast torpedoes
Good fire chance for a Destroyer

Competitive in Domination games (the best game mode)
Large health pool

Very large for a destroyer
Speed without speed boost is fairly bad
Shell arcs on main guns are very lofty
AA defense is concentrated in 3 mid-caliber mounts
Shortest range on torpedo tubes
Smallest torpedo broadside of all t10 destroyers
AXY gun layout means rushing nose-in to combat removes 66% of your firepower
Handles fairly poorly with a large turning circle
Outspotted by Gearing, Yueyang, Shimakaze
Pick between gun reload and speed boost

Guépratte is a premium ship and has no modules to research

Optimal Configuration
Like Grozovoi, Guépratte can be built to empower her main guns or anti aircraft

Recommended upgrades for Guépratte are as follows:
Slot 1: Main Armaments Mod 1
Slot 2 : Propulsion Mod 1*
Slot 3 : Aiming Systems Mod 1*
Slot 4 : Steering Gears Mod 2
Slot 5 : Concealment System Mod 1*
Slot 6 : See Below

Slot 2 offers the Defensive AA Fire Modification 1 to maximize the anti-aircraft role of Guépratte.
Slot 3 offers either Aiming Systems Mod 1 or AA Guns Mod 1. AA Guns Mod 1 is recommended for players wanting to equip Defensive AA Fire.
Slot 5 offers the Steering Gears Mod 3. For players looking for a pure gunboat build, disregarding stealth, this upgrade will significantly improve the rudder shift of
Slot 6 will determine the role of Guépratte.
= Main Battery ROF Build should take Main Battery Mod 3, with BFT it lowers Guépratte reload time to 2.5-3.1 seconds.
= Main Battery Range Build should take Gun Fire Control System Mod 2. Paired with AFT this will push
Guépratte main gun range to 16km. This is ill advised as shells will be nearly impossible to hit at this range.
= AA Gun Build. AA Guns Modification 2 will significantly bolster the already powerful mid-range anti-aircraft suite of Guépratte.


General Purpose Gun Build, players wishing to play more cap focused or hunt other destroyers should acquire the Radio Location perk.


Anti-aircraft build


Slot 1 : Damage control Party
Slot 2 : Main Battery Reload Booster or Speed Boost
Slot 3 : Smoke
Slot 4 : Defensive Fire


Comes with type 19/20 camouflage.


Captains should opt for flags that boost survival, gun performance, and anti-aircraft.

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changed consumable layout
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I very much doubt that we'll see a premium T47, for the simple reason that the french destroyers could have a second branch in addition to the current  contre-torpilieurs that are upcoming, and i expect the T47 to be the T9 in that line, with the T53 being the T10 in said line. However i would not complain about a premium T47 either.

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There is also Maille-Breze, another T 47 class. That would be a better name for this.

I have a feeling, though, that it might go to an alternative torp line, which can certainly be made.

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I wouldn't mind a prem high tier T 47, I hope French gets a traditional DD line that can branch off their recently announced fast super DDs.

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8 hours ago, The_Painted_Target said:

Research / Purchase price - 500k FXP or 180k coal. Stop only having steel DDs, thanks.

I am not quite sure if I agree on the pricing. While coal and Free XP as currencies are a good choice, I doubt that 50% of a Cruiser is a price that WG would go for. From what the Premium Store suggests, 75-90% is more accurate, which would mean 750-900k Free XP.

Also something is off in the AA-section, your 20mm guns are causing flak bursts :p

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