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Tashkent/Khaba build

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My build is pretty similar, on a 19 point Commander I have added Demolition Expert and Priority Target but these are personal tastes. Superintendent could have some value, but I found a need for a Repair or Engine Boost only in long drawn battles.

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First,  what do you need to change in your head is:  Khabarovsk is cruiser not a DD :Smile_veryhappy: Play him as a cruiser.

You can meet 2 types of Khabarovsk.

22600 without survivability expert - mostly with smoke and  26 000 hp Khabarovsk  SE with heal consumables.

/I think that 22600 k hp khaba with smoke is wrong build/.

You never can compete with concealment and you will be always targeted because Khabarovsk can be the most annoying ship for the red team.

My build is simple:

1. Priority target so you know how many ********* aim at you:D  and Preventive maintenance

2. Last stand and Adrenaline rush /self-explanatory/.

3. Survivability expert /make your 22600 hp to 26k hp khaba/. Superintended /More heals and when you have more HP it gives you % HP back. /, 

DE - Burn them all.

4. ATF - longer fire distance

The concealment is obsolete doesn't matter how hard you try you ll be always visible first. IFHE doesn't work for khaba /you cant cross that stronger armour anyway/. 

Sometimes you can switch to RPF in ranked.


Tips and hints.

1. Don't cap with Khabarovsk. It's not your job. don't rush and wait for map situation.

2. Keep distance. Your sweet spot is 10-12 km.

3. Burn them all.

4. Try attack when you running away from a target.  You can charge them if u you attack DD 1vs1 you ll win, or after time you ll know which kind of enemy you can charge or when is better keeping distance. 

Your strong playstyle:

1. somehow Khabarowsk shells and aim velocity work like laser guns.  at 10 km you will hit nearly all dds (even if you are drunk and blind) and you mostly win 1vs1. After that, you can heal yourself back :D

2. you can dmg all BBs and challenge most of the cruisers too. Burn them all.

Mortal enemies:

1. DDs is enemy khaba with 22600 - you win but lost lots of HP. 

    enemy khaba with 26000 hp - just go to another corner of the map you ll lost 20 minutes to kitting each other.

    Daring and Harekaze. that **** have same pew pew but hey ll spot you forever first. -- we don't like them glum glum

2. Cruisers: Minotaur actually the main reason why i stop rushing cap points was meeting Minotaur or Daring or Harekaze / you will survive minotaur if you turn and run but with heavy cost/.

Zao and Hindenburg - that **** can hit you in 15km even you dance like a queen.

3. BBs. All HE spammers /conqueror Republique Alsase etc/ just keep a bigger distance.

You welcome

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Thank you for the replies. I was really thinking of getting DE as I generally want to set as many fires as possible. SI is another good one to be considered though. I struggle somewhat using the heal build, I actually seem to fare better with smoke, which I know is backwards for this ship. I realize these are basically CLs, and I do prefer the IJN gunboats, but I want to make these work as I'm on the Tashkent so I'm invested.

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I play my Russian destroyers different from most everyone else but it's not an easy playstyle. If you want to learn, just send me a private message.

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