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Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Recruiting

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The clan Wubba Lubba Dub Dub is recruiting both casual and serious warship captains from The NA server. Our clan prides itself on being friendly and open, and we are always ready to accept new recruits to [WLDD]. The clan is growing and is highly active, so if you are looking for a place to form divisions, a place to ask for game play advice, or just a community to make some friends in the WoWs world, look no further!


We actively upgrade our Naval Base to give our members the best bonuses possible!


We run competitive for Clan Battles and our clan has reached Storm 1 in the previous season. Our Goal is to compete in Typhoon and we need your help! If you have competitive experience, or just want to try your hand in organized competitive play, [WLDD] can help to provide you with this opportunity. If you have experience as a Clan Battles caller, please let us know as well!


We try to accept as many players as we can, but we still have some basic requirements for joining our clan. If you don't meet the requirements, but still want to join [WLDD] we are more than happy to make exceptions for players if they are enthusiastic about improving, so feel free to contact a member of our Board.


We ask of new recruits is the following:

  • Overall winrate is 50% or higher

  • Owns at least 1 tier X clan battles competitive ship

  • Active on Discord and WoWs, (you aren't require to talk, but listen)

  • Friendly and mature character 


We have a number of people in the clan, any of whom are available to receive your questions and inquiries.


Chairman: SnipeySnipes

Board Members:  

  • ShazzyZang757
  • Sedative Comet
  • CharlesBB55
  • RogueOne16th
  • DrPuffin - in absentia; at-large


  • RogueOne16th
  • GuidoAnchovi
  • Tsubasa_

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