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My First Tier X

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4 hours ago, Schnitchelkid01_ said:

So guys I have been following World of Warships for a number of years. I never had to opportunity to play the game due to my computer not being that fast. I sat there and watched other play Tier X and all I could do was watch. Well that all changed last May. I started playing World of Warships and I instantly knew which Tier X I wanted first. The Grosser Kurfurst! I started the impossible grind. From the Hermilin to the Dresden, then on and on until finally a ship I enjoyed playing (The Gneisenau). Then i moved on and got the mighty Bismarck (still my favorite). By this time I was tired of grinding and i went on and grinded some other lines including Russian Cruisers, German Cruisers and German DD's. I enjoyed the Bismarck and buffed it all i could and then it was on to the Fat Freddy. I actually enjoyed the Fat Freddy but I knew the Great Prize lay just ahead... Well after all of that I finally reached the pinnacle of all of the German Battleships. I am so excited I made it here. Well it looks like my next grind is going to be the Moskva but for now i can take a break!

Congratulations.  The Des Moins and Worcester are on the horizon as my first Tier X ships. 

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5 hours ago, GrandAdmiral_2016 said:

Never mind the potato comments! Congrats! The 1st one is always sweetest. I potatoed my way to Montana, Worcester, Des Moines, Gearing, Conqueror, Daring, and Minotaur (my first T10). Next I want Audacious and Yamato.

Agreed I have played almost all of the Tier X's before due to having friends who are better at the game than I am!! (More like they've been on longer than I have). Anyways I loved playing the Moskva and so that is my next one i want to get.

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7 hours ago, Legio_X_ said:

I joined September of last year and have the Moskva and just got the Henry today. Now im wondering what line to grind next. German dispersion just pisses me off (why i stopped playing their BBs when i hit T7). Thinking on doing IJN BBs.

Japanese BB's arent much better dispersion wise. I would go for the USN line if you are looking for more accuracy, or even the French. The Montana and Republique are some two of my favorite ships.

2 minutes ago, LookUpAndSpit said:

Well youre consistently being bad ingame so why not

You know what would make you more useful? Jumping off a cliff. You should do that.

We have enough stat shaming in game already.

Also, from what I can tell...the only ships you are good at are all in the lower tiers, 6 and below.

I think you like seal clubbing to pad your stats so you can claim that you are a good player.

Thats what your profile here on the website tells me anyway. With that attitude of yours though, id rather not play a game with you either, regardless of how good at the game you are.

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