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Halloween 2019 ideas.

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Now that we have Wichita in the game...

How about a mission where the wicked witches of east and west (Salem and Wichita) are trying to sacrifice a ship named Dorthy.  This would resurrect Rasputin.  You have save Dorthy, first by racing to her in time, then escorting her out of the area.  Planes can be launched against you from enemy land bases (and they can be made to look like flying monkey's).  Some of the catapults can be giant scary trees.  A storm front can move through too.. Etc Etc.

Four ships for the heroes would include a new Lion camo (BB), Tin Man (cruiser), Scarecrow (DD), and Glinda (carrier).  So with the wicked witches, Six new Halloween camos. 

This does rest on the fact that Wizard of Oz as an overall story is now public domain (just can't copy a specific version of it)

Just and idea.

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Why not just bring the Salem Witch event back from a few years ago?

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